Ben Glassen

From : Currently Port Moody
Car : 1981 Toyota Corolla Wagon - White/Black/Rust
Engine : 3TC - Webber 32/36


Been interested in drifting since the early 2000s as a young teen. My best friend Geordie Goodall and I have never ceased our pursuit to drift. In 2005 my dad, a petrolhead himself, helped me into my first car which was a 1991 240sx. In 2007 I aquired the heavily modified 1981 Corolla wagon I still have today.

A professional slopestyle mountain bike career between 2008-2013 put a hold on drifting as a priority.

Since finishing university I have been through a number of interesting daily drivers including 4 Civics, a JDM Nissan Cima (my wedding vehicle), and a 6 speed G35 Sedan.

TeamHush on Instagram is a page dedicated to JDM Drift style that I manage with contributions from some other friends on our little "team".

Recently I finished a Rack & Pinion Steering swap in the Corolla which is the last major project I have wanted to do on that car. My current goals are to maintain amd drive the Corolla as is while working towards a tow rig. In the future I hope to build a RHD S-Chassis specific to track use and my first Turbo car. My best friend Geordie spent a year in Japan on internship and so our hope is to build similar cars to tandem.

I look forward go getting back to my home town, Nanaimo or near to it on the Mid Island.

Car Info

Wagon, Motorfix rust style White with black roof, Quad headlights

-Webber 32/36
-Shaved head w/ 0.8 gasket
-MSD Ignition
-ARP Head Studs
-Upgraded Fuel Pump

AE86 Footwork
-Disk Rear End
-Tokico rear shocks
-1.5" Lowering blocks
-TRD 2 way LSD
-Inline Hydro E-Brake on stock handle
-Rack & Pinion with TE column, custom poly bushing, S15 half shaft, MR2 manual Rack
-AE86 crossmember w/ rack cut & shut 1cm forward
-TE inner and tie rod tube, AE outter tie rods
-3/4 inch extended controle arm each side
-AE86 power steering knuckles straitened to elete akerman
-AE86 Disk brakes w/ steel braided lines
-AE86 Cusco front coilovers
-Front Strut Bar

Wheel / Tire
-Mercury 14x7
-185/60R14 Yokohama
-2x 2mm slip on spacers
-Riken 13x6.5
-1" Bolt on spacers

2009 Deer colision damage, front right
2014 Ditch entry damage, rear right