Thank you for your question about proof of vaccination at Capital Drift’s Super Pumpkin Smash Ultimate – Final Smash. We know how excited the drifting community is to get on the track and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone! However, we also want to make the safest choice for our community when it comes to COVID-19. To that end, we’re requiring proof of vaccination for all participants who wish to enter the pits (including drivers, passengers, media staff, event staff, and any person purchasing a pit pass). Proof of vaccination can include:

• Vaccine passport – Partially Vaccinated (one dose)
• Vaccine passport – Vaccinated (two doses)

More information on how to obtain this proof can be found here. At this time, there will be no exceptions to this rule: if you want to be in the pits, you must present proof of vaccination in one of the forms listed above.

We understand that COVID policies can be controversial and upsetting, so we’ve addressed some FAQs below. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have further questions, but remember that we’re volunteers just trying to do our best for the community in this difficult time. It might take us some time to get back to you, and we won't respond to abusive or insulting messages.

We hope you will be able to join us this fall!


1. Why are you requiring proof of vaccination if the latest PHO order doesn’t specify that proof is required for participation in outdoor events?

We talked about it at a staff meeting and the majority of staff felt more comfortable requiring proof of vaccination. We’re trying to keep the health and comfort of our dedicated volunteers and all our participants in mind.

2. I am medically exempt from getting the vaccine, can I bring a note from my doctor to that effect instead of proof of vaccination?


3. I’m not a resident of BC and I don’t have a vaccine passport. What can I bring as proof of vaccination?

You can bring the original copy of your provincial vaccine card and photo ID. Photocopies or photos of vaccine cards will not be accepted.

4. Are you even allowed to ask people for their ID? Isn’t that like a violation of my privacy or something?

Our event, our rules. All Capital Drift events are held on private property. To attend our events, you must comply with the policies we set – this includes our technical specifications and other rules too. If you’re not comfortable with our policies, you’re free not to attend our events.

5. This is a terrible policy and you are terrible people.

We’re truly sorry that you feel that way – the pandemic and all its restrictions has been hard on us too. We’re just making the best decision that we can with the reliable info that’s available to us. We hope that you will join us again once this pandemic is behind us.